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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Implementing the theoretical domains framework in occupational safety: Development of the safety behaviour change questionnaire 1-gen-2021 Morgan, James I.; Curcuruto, Matteo; Steer, Michael; Bazzoli, Andrea
Multilevel safety climate in the UK rail industry: A cross validation of the Zohar and Luria MSC scale 1-gen-2018 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.; Kandola, R.; Morgan, J.
Proactive role-orientation toward workplace safety: Psychological dimensions, nomological network and external validity 1-gen-2016 Curcuruto, M.; Mearns, K. J.; Mariani, M. G.
Proactivity-and-consequence-based safety incentive (PCBSI) developed with a fuzzy approach to reduce occupational accidents 1-gen-2015 Saracino, Ada; Curcuruto, MATTEO MARIO ANTONINO; Antonioni, Giacomo; Mariani, MARCO GIOVANNI; Guglielmi, Dina; Spadoni, Gigliola
Prosocial and proactive "safety citizenship behaviour" (SCB): The mediation role of affective commitment and psychological ownership 1-gen-2018 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.
Safety climate in high safety maturity organisations: development of a multidimensional and multilevel safety climate questionnaire 1-gen-2023 Maria Todaro, Niccolò; Testa, Francesco; Rizzi, Francesco; Vizzoto, Felipe; Curcuruto, Matteo
The role of prosocial and proactive safety behaviors in predicting safety performance 1-gen-2015 Curcuruto, M.; Conchie, S.; Mariani, M. G.; Violante, F. S.
Voicing for safety in the workplace: A proactive goal-regulation perspective 1-gen-2020 Curcuruto, M.; Strauss, K.; Axtell, C.; Griffin, M. A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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