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The role of prosocial and proactive safety behaviors in predicting safety performance 1-gen-2015 Curcuruto, M.; Conchie, S.; Mariani, M. G.; Violante, F. S.
Proactivity-and-consequence-based safety incentive (PCBSI) developed with a fuzzy approach to reduce occupational accidents 1-gen-2015 Saracino, Ada; Curcuruto, MATTEO MARIO ANTONINO; Antonioni, Giacomo; Mariani, MARCO GIOVANNI; Guglielmi, Dina; Spadoni, Gigliola
Orientamento proattivo alla sicurezza nel lavoro: Studio qualitativo degli antecedenti motivazionali 1-gen-2016 Curcuruto, MATTEO MARIO ANTONINO; Mariani, MARCO GIOVANNI; Battistelli, Adalgisa
Safety proactivity in the workplace: The initiative to improve individual, team, and organizational safety 1-gen-2016 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.
Proactive role-orientation toward workplace safety: Psychological dimensions, nomological network and external validity 1-gen-2016 Curcuruto, M.; Mearns, K. J.; Mariani, M. G.
Safety Climate in Organizations 1-gen-2016 Griffin, M. A.; Curcuruto, M.
Reclutamento online: il ruolo della fiducia verso la tecnologia 1-gen-2016 Mariani, M. G.; Curcuruto, M.; Zavalloni,
Safety Participation in The Workplace: An Assessment Tool of Proactive Safety Orientations by Individuals (PRO-SAFE) 1-gen-2016 Curcuruto, Matteo
The role of psychological ownership in the relationship between leader-member exchange and job satisfaction 1-gen-2017 Matic, Mirna; Mariani, Marco Giovanni; Curcuruto, Matteo; González-Navarro, Pilar; Zurriaga, Rosario
Can leader-member exchange contribute to safety performance in an Italian warehouse? 1-gen-2017 Mariani, MARCO GIOVANNI; Curcuruto, MATTEO MARIO ANTONINO; Matic, Mirna; Sciacovelli, Paolo; Toderi, Stefano
Dynamic safety capability and organizational management systems: An assessment tool to evaluate the "fitness-to-operate" in high-risk industrial environments 1-gen-2017 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.; Hodkiewicz, M. R.
Multilevel safety climate in the UK rail industry: A cross validation of the Zohar and Luria MSC scale 1-gen-2018 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.; Kandola, R.; Morgan, J.
Prosocial and proactive "safety citizenship behaviour" (SCB): The mediation role of affective commitment and psychological ownership 1-gen-2018 Curcuruto, M.; Griffin, M. A.
Safety citizenship behavior (SCB) in the workplace: A stable construct? Analysis of psychometric invariance across four European countries 1-gen-2019 Curcuruto, M.; Conchie, S. M.; Griffin, M. A.
Proactivity towards workplace safety improvement: an investigation of its motivational drivers and organizational outcomes 1-gen-2019 Curcuruto, M.; Parker, S. K.; Griffin, M. A.
Agent-Based Modeling of Employee Protection-Oriented Safety Proactivity Behaviors at Small Scale Enterprises 1-gen-2019 Wang, Q.; Curcuruto, M.; Mei, Q.; Liu, S.; Zhou, Q.; Zhang, J.
Safety leadership and safety voices: exploring the mediation role of proactive motivations 1-gen-2020 Bazzoli, Andrea; Curcuruto, Matteo
Speaking up about workplace safety: An experimental study on safety leadership 1-gen-2020 Bazzoli, A.; Curcuruto, M.; Morgan, J. I.; Brondino, M.; Pasini, M.
Voicing for safety in the workplace: A proactive goal-regulation perspective 1-gen-2020 Curcuruto, M.; Strauss, K.; Axtell, C.; Griffin, M. A.
Implementing the theoretical domains framework in occupational safety: Development of the safety behaviour change questionnaire 1-gen-2021 Morgan, James I.; Curcuruto, Matteo; Steer, Michael; Bazzoli, Andrea
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