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Wake and Sleep EEG in Patients With Huntington Disease: An eLORETA Study and Review of the Literature 1-gen-2017 Piano, C; Mazzucchi, E; Bentivoglio, Ar; Losurdo, A; Calandra Buonaura, G; Imperatori, C; Cortelli, P; Della Marca, G.
Wandering.Birds 1-gen-2011 Brunetti, R; Ang, Gp
Web-Based Interventions for Weight Loss or Weight Loss Maintenance in Overweight and Obese People: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews 1-gen-2017 Sorgente, A; Pietrabissa, G; Manzoni, Gm; Re, F; Simpson, S; Perona, S; Rossi, A; Cattivelli, R; Innamorati, M; Jackson, Jb; Castelnuovo, G
Weight Bias Internalization Scale discriminates obese and overweight patients with different severity levels of depression: the Italian version of the WBIS 1-gen-2017 Innamorati, M; Imperatori, C; Lamis, Da; Contardi, Anna; Castelnuovo, G; Tamburello, S; Manzoni, Gm; Fabbricatore, M
Well-being and functioning at work following thefts and robberies: A comparative study 1-gen-2018 Setti, I; van der Velden, Pg; Sommovigo, V; Ferretti, Ms; Giorgi, G; O'Shea, D; Argentero, P
What About the Different Shortened Versions of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale? 1-gen-2017 Chiesi, Francesca; Donati, Maria Anna; Panno, Angelo; Giacomantonio, Mauro; Primi, Caterina
What does not work, for whom … and how? 1-gen-2012 Codazzi, A.; Nazzaro, M. P.; Tanzilli, A.; Aioub, N.; Cirasola, A.; Genova, F.; Gazzillo, F.
What does not work, for whom… and how? Cosa può rendere inefficace una psicoterapia psicodinamica 1-gen-2012 Codazzi, A; Nazzaro, M; Tanzilli, A; Aioub, N; Cirasola, A; Genova, F; Gazzillo, F
What does not work, for whom… and how? Cosa può rendere inefficace una psicoterapia psicodinamica 1-gen-2012 A., Codazzi; Nazzaro, MARIA PAOLA; Tanzilli, Annalisa; Aioub, Nadia; A., Cirasola; Genova, Federica; Gazzillo, Francesco
What inclusion for 0-6 services? Principles, critical issues and educational perspectives 1-gen-2022 Amatori, G
What kind of leaders will generation Z want? An exploratory study of preferred leadership styles among the next generation of employees in Italy 1-gen-2020 Sammarra, A; Profili, S
“What matters to us”: The portrait values questionnaire to measure couple values 1-gen-2023 Danioni, F; Russo, C; Zagrean, I; Regalia, C; Barni, D
When is age dissimilarity harmful for organisational identification? The moderating role of age stereotypes and perceived age-related treatment 1-gen-2021 Sammarra, A; Profili, S; Peccei, R; Innocenti, L
When the motivational consequences of ego depletion collide: Conservation dominates over reward-seeking 1-gen-2014 Giacomantonio, Mauro; Jordan, Jennifer; Fennis, Bob M.; Panno, Angelo
Where is the “one”? Tapping on the perceived beginning of repeating rhythmical sequences 1-gen-2006 Brunetti, R; OLIVETTI BELARDINELLI, M
White matter hyperintensities and self-reported depression in a sample of patients with chronic headache 1-gen-2012 Serafini, G; Pompili, M; Innamorati, M; Negro, A; Fiorillo, M; Lamis, Da; Erbuto, D; Marsibilio, F; Romano, A; Amore, M; D'Alonzo, L; Bozzao, A; Girardi, P; Martelletti, P
White matter hyperintensities and their associations with suicidality in patients with major affective disorders 1-gen-2007 Pompili, M; Ehrlich, S; De Pisa, E; Mann, Jj; Innamorati, M; Cittadini, A; Montagna, B; Iliceto, P; Romano, A; Amore, A; Tatarelli, R; Girardi, P
White matter hyperintensities in psychiatric disorders and their association with suicide risk 1-gen-2009 Pompili, M; Serafini, G; Rigucci, S; Romano, A; Innamorati, M; Del Casale, A; Di Cosimo, D; Tatarelli, R; Lester, D
White matter hyperintensities, suicide risk and late-onset affective disorders: an overview of the current literature 1-gen-2010 Pompili, M; Serafini, G; Innamorati, M; Serra, G; Lester, D; Girardi, P; Tatarelli, R
Mostrati risultati da 3.988 a 4.007 di 4.036
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